Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services to help building scalable and secure network infrastructure and application infrastructures. We work for broadband and mobile service providers, system integrators, enterprises, defense contractors and governments helping them to choose the right network equipment manufacturers and the right applications for their environment. We also validate these infrastructures before deployment in production environment by testing functionalities and performances.

High level description of an equipement assessement (DDoS mitigation) :

  • 4 Vendors
  • Total of 4 weeks of testing
  • 1 Week of functional testing (learning, false positive, sanity tests)
  • 2 days performance, security and stability tests for each Anti-DDoS solution
  • Simulation of real world mix of end customer legitimate traffic based on real traffic along with malicious traffic
  • Simulation of 105 DoS, RDoS, DDoS, DRDos Attacks from L3 up to L7

    Once all tests of all vendors have been completed, results are analyzed and aggregated in a report. End customer is able to choose the most appropriate solution based on this report.

    Engineering of Custom Appliances

    We prepare Appliances for specific needs, required by Cyber Defense. Appliances can be prepared for various purposes around traffic analysis and traffic generation. One of those appliances model has benn used during Combined Endeavor 2014 exercise as an IA Probe (Information Assurance Probe).